Meet True Data Recovery

Our Team

It’s frequently said by clients that we’re like IT commandos – we take that to be a compliment of the highest order.

Being a tightly-knit, small unit (3 support specialists, 3 customer service agents, 4 HDD recovery specialists, 4 RAID recovery specialists) enables us to achieve BIG results.

Successful, fast, cost-effective data recovery requires not only state-of-the-art tools and training, but precision, efficiency, and decisive action. You call for help and we’re there in an instant. You tell us what you need, when you need it, and we get it for you.

No delays, no phone tag, no unnecessary paperwork, no automated messaging, no excuses – just action, for results you can count on.

About Us

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, we are the only certified local service provider that gives you the opportunity to recover your data WITHOUT non-refundable attempt fees, diagnostic costs, or upfront emergency surcharges.

We make data recovery fast, simple, and RISK FREE.

Our History

After meeting as expert speakers and panel guests at a 2013 IT, data recovery, and forensics expo and trade show in Cleveland, Ohio, True Data Recovery was founded on the desire to honor the following promise to each and every customer: that data loss is a true crisis, the customer has suffered enough, and the burden of risk should be on the service provider.

As data recovery veterans with decades of experience, and each from a different specialized technical background, we’re confident we can get the job done – any drive, any problem.

Our Mission

To right the wrongs of an industry we feel has forgotten the true aim of data recovery – to help, not to exploit. To earn the customer’s trust through action, not persuasion.

To allow our expertise, experience, and passion for not only data recovery, but disaster relief, become the hallmarks by which our service is known, one case at a time.

To always deliver fast, honest, reliable, no-risk service that isn’t satisfied unless the customer is too.

True service in pursuit of actual results. True Data Recovery.

Our Clients

True Data Recovery serves clients throughout the United States including:

*Small, medium, and large-sized businesses

*Leading universities, hospitals, and non-profit organizations

*Federal, state, and local government agencies

*Home users, contractors, and business consultants

*IT / Networking firms

Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • Active Networking
  • City Of Willowick
  • Combat Brands, LLC
  • Aspect, Inc.
  • Keokuk Co. Sheriffs Dept.
  • Cleveland Circuits
  • General Electric
  • First Sense Medical
  • Infotech Software, Inc.
  • Allergy Clinic of KS
  • Envirochemical
  • Windows USA
  • Courier Health Care
  • Delta Computers
  • Mirror Image Studios