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Fast, Honest, Dependable, Certified Expert Cleveland Data Recovery Services

We’re proud to be Cleveland, Ohio’s fastest emergency data recovery service provider for failed hard drives and servers of ALL Makes and Models – 97% Success Rate for more than 10 years!

Hard Drives from Any / All Desktops, Laptops, External Enclosures!

RAID / NAS / SAN / All Levels!

Solid State Drives (SSD) / Flash Drives / SD Cards!

24/7 Customer Support
You’ve come to us in crisis – you deserve open, honest communication. Don’t settle for anything less than the satisfaction of having your lost data returned to you at the end of a process that was straightforward, transparent, helpful, and fair. Trust results, and nothing else.

No Data, No Charge, Guaranteed
We believe in keeping service simple and straightforward – as it should be. We diagnose your drive, determine what must be done, tell you how much it will cost, and proceed. You ONLY pay if your data is successfully recovered. No down payments, no hidden fees, no nonsense.

Other companies will gamble with your drive and data, deciding a tough job isn’t worth their or time the risk, and still charge you for the diagnosis, the failed attempt, and any parts, whether they were used or not. We believe that’s simply NOT RIGHT and refuse to add one hardship onto another.

Immediate Data Delivery
As soon as your data is successfully recovered, it’s either shipped or delivered securely back to you on a new hard drive, ready to be accessed. Otherwise, no data, no charge! Find out what hard drives we have in stock, or provide your own!

Safe & Secure Service
We understand that your data is important to you no matter what your hard drive’s contents may be. True Data Recovery has the credentials you require to trust that your data is in safe hands and the trained skills to give you the peace of mind knowing what to expect.

Free, No Obligation Diagnostic
We’re not going to make you send us your drive without discussing what can or can’t be done first. Find out what’s wrong and what can be saved – for free, and at no obligation.

Fast Turnaround
We are capable of providing you with time-sensitive priority service regardless of the complexity of your case. There are a variety of priority service assignments available that will allow you to select the approximate desired turnaround time for your data recovery service.


Due to new restrictions, renovations, and safety measures for the benefit of both our clients and our team, our labs below are now closed to the public and all drop-offs and service at our new lab are by appointment only until normal operations resume!
Stay safe, take care, and call us anytime to schedule accordingly!